The Education Journey

A Steiner education introduces students to all the key learning areas or branches of knowledge. Subjects are introduced and developed in a sequence that mirrors the inner developmental changes of the growing child. By using a rich curriculum and innovative teaching methods, teachers nurture the whole child, developing clarity of thought, balance and depth of feeling and initiative in action. Teaching methods engage a wide variety of senses, allowing children to learn by listening, seeing and doing. In this way, academic learning is supported by artistic and hands-on experiences that deepen understanding and generate enthusiasm for learning.

The following link to a video made in the UK is included here to provide a good general overview of our education. While all Steiner Waldorf schools are independent and unique they share a fundamental educational philosophy and vision.

What is a Steiner School? from Simon Fildes.

The early use of digital media is of special concern to Waldorf educators. The following YouTube video from a Waldorf School In Marin County, USA offers a valuable perspective - Media and Waldorf Education