A Student Birthday Wish

At our recent 21st birthday celebration we looked to the past, present and future of the school. Liz Stewein expressed parent birthday wishes and thanks, Adeshua and Felicity spoke on behalf of the College of teachers and Stephanie Roger shared the following wish for future students of Willunga Waldorf School. Stephanie is currently in Year 12. Her carefully considered words, along with the Autumn Fair and Harvest Festival, provide a fitting end to the richness of the term. Thank you Stephanie.

Katrina Kytka

Look to the Future Speech

I am proud to say that I am a student at Willunga Waldorf School. I am proud to admit I enjoy learning and I like going to school. My love for learning is because of this school, its curriculum and the teachers. This is something that distinguishes Willunga Waldorf from other schools.

Over the 12 years I have attended this school I have learnt to question, analyse and understand many concepts, theories and issues. I have learnt to look at the world as a place of learning, wonder and often magic.

I have been taught not to see what I can’t do but to see what is possible. In the school camps, I have learnt that to struggle and test one’s inner strength makes you a better person and that supporting and caring about others makes us all stronger.

My wish for the future students at Willunga Waldorf School is that they have the same nurturing experience I have had.

There is something about this school that brings out the best in young people. I hope that future students experience the wonderful learning environment and opportunities that this school can give them.

I hope that in the future I can return with my own children so that they can learn at Willunga Waldorf School.

By Stephanie Roger
Class 12, 2010