Our School

In 2015/2016 the school community came together and conducted a "self appraisal" of the school's objectives.  Arising from that in depth process, the Mission and Values statements that the school lives to were refreshed and are provided on this page.

 School Performance Report

As part of the funding agreement with the Australian Government, the school isrequired to ensure that specific “School Performance Information” is made publicly available to the school community. This information is provided in the newsletter and via the school’s website, in the form specified by the Australian Government.

The report information relates to the prior school year activity and is published during Term 2 in the following year.  The 2016 report is available on this page.

Please direct any questions about the report to the Head of School.


New School Buildings

In November 2016 our new Art building was officially opened. This building is situated between the library and Tech Studies buildings, adjacent to Class 6/7.  It comprises two hexagonal class room "pods" with a fold back adjoining wall that creates one large space.  Behind these rooms is a teacher preparation/storage room and at the rear a pottery area complete with kiln.  This light, airy space has been used for small seminars and is a wonderful addition to the school.  Importantly we have been able to landscape the area between the Art building and the High School classrooms making this a far more amenable space for students.

As part of the school's master plan a proposal has been developed for a new High School building to replace the current 8/9/10 class rooms. This includes a submission for a Federal Government grant which will be assessed during 2017.  This process takes 12 months and at the mid point we remain hopeful of support.  This is a very significant project for the school and will be a welcome improvement in student facilities.

A number of other projects are under consideration from the master plan and we are excited about new possibilities to enhance the school facilities.