The theme of the kindergarten years is the world is good. Children of this age (up to 7) are acquiring and learning to manage a will of their own.

Natural play materials and homely environment offer a play-based curriculum that nurtures the development of children’s senses and imagination, and allows them to learn by imitation and discovery. Children develop their skills and capacities at a natural pace, as their development unfolds, resulting in a deeper understanding than they could gain through formal instruction.

Kindergarten sessions are filled with music, verse, singing, art work, cooking, gardening, dancing and creative play. The routine and order provide harmony and security, while free play helps the children to experience fantasy and life deeply.

Solid foundations for language skills are laid in the daily storytelling, songs, rhymes, puppet shows and personal interaction with each child. Numeracy skills are embedded in their play as the children stack, measure, sort, collect, gather and count, and sing number rhymes.

Problem solving and communication skills are fostered through interaction with the teacher and peers.

Although many of this age will naturally acquire some reading and maths skills, these are not instructed formally until the school years so that children’s imagination and enjoyment of learning continue to flourish and feed their learning capacity.

Kindergarten & Reception Curriculum Document


 "If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales. If you want your children to be even more brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales."

Albert Einstein