An Outside Perspective

Masters student Ben Prosser was impressed by his visit to Willunga Waldorf School in late 2010.  An excerpt from his report is below:

This Waldorf/Steiner school provides an inspiring model of education, one based on valuing and supporting creativity and innovation through: developing student’s natural skills and abilities in the context of a balanced whole; the time for the construction of knowledge; the creation of beautiful and functional finished products; and the lived human experience as critical to understanding our place in the world. This process can be transformational in a number of ways …... The process of transformation was underway for the school, community and students. The teachers themselves were involved in each others’ work through collegial and mentoring relationships and it could be argued that many teachers would require a transformative process to be able to teach at this school. A school in which ‘no-one gets left behind’ and students are genuinely engaged and respect all their teachers, must surely represent a transformative environment, an environment built on respect for creativity, innovation and individual autonomy.