Dreaming Day

On Friday we marked the start of Reconciliation Week with our third Dreaming Day.  From recess until the end of the day, students were engaged in activities led by our Aboriginal visitors and by Katrina who had borrowed a wonderful collection of Aboriginal tools and weapons.  Russell Milera spoke of his experience as a member of the Stolen Generations and Jack Buckskin about ‘growing up black’ in South Australia in the 1980’s and 90’s.  Ellen, Noreen and Ellie from Camp Coorong shared their weaving skills and artist Daphne Rickett renewed her connection with our students, again focusing on symbolic language and the development of murals for our new hall-courtyard. Ali and Peter from the Kuma Karro dance group worked with several groups – and at the end of the day, children from classes 1 and 2 performed a dance for the whole school.  Jack introduced classes 3, 4 and 5 to the Kaurna language.

We are very grateful to all our visitors, and look forward to continuing to build stronger connections with them individually, and with the Aboriginal community more generally. 

Thanks also to Joel Luedke who provided a delicious lunch for all our visitors.