The Grand Opening

What a wonderful, memorable event!

The preparations were, true to form, completed 'just in time'. Classes 5, 6 and 7 rehearsed and then waited behind the big black curtain. Most of classes 11 and 12 waited in the 'green room'. The rest of us – students, teachers, assistants and other staff, parents and friends – assembled under the wavy roof outside the new hall. Four very smartly dressed senior students met our official guests, the Mayor of Onkaparinga and the Federal member for Kingston. Our designers, builders and tradesmen took up their places of honour at the front of the assembly.

Following a statement of recognition that we meet on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people, Bernard spoke about the importance of personal connections and relationships in the planning and construction of the Hall and the Library. Then Tiana handed scissors to Amanda Rishworth, who cut the red ribbon – and magically, the balloons floating above the small silver curtain lifted into the air, revealing the plaque beneath.

As the door opened, the sounds of a 'heavenly choir' (classes 5, 6 and 7) singing 'Alleluia' greeted us, and accompanied us until we were all in our designated places, inside. Our local member responded positively, acknowledging the creativity evident in everything we do 'at Waldorf', and expressing her pleasure at being associated with the Building the Education Revolution program through which the construction of the Hall and Library was funded. We were then treated to a performance of the tango by class 11 and 12 students, introduced in Spanish by three of their classmates. Being such a small group, each student was quite exposed, and I'm sure it took a lot of courage to perform in front of such a large audience: many thanks and congratulations to all!

Finally, all the classes from 5-12 joined in singing the new Willunga Waldorf song that Adeshua and Allye had composed for this occasion. I'm sure you will all become familiar with the tune and the words as time passes: it was certainly a beautiful way to finish this important celebration.

The classes returned to their rooms and official guests were taken on a mini tour of the hall before moving on to the library where the Parents and Friends had laid out a magnificent morning tea. Once again we were joined by our wonderful designers, builders and tradesmen – thanks to them, these new buildings really do give us cause for great celebration.

Felicity Hickman