Musical Update

A School That Plays Together

On Thursday evening, I was privileged to attend this year's Instrumental Music Night. Students from classes 5-11 performed solo, duet and ensemble pieces demonstrating both courage and skill. It was wonderful to experience the progression of music in the school through this event. We are certainly blessed to have a Music Director with Allye's amazing talent as both a musician and teacher, and that she has been able to secure the services of instrumental teachers who are happy to work with our students and our limited facilities. I would also like to echo Allye's remarks of last week, that we are very grateful to all the parents who encourage and support their children to persevere with instrumental music which enriches both their own and our collective lives.

I was also delighted last week to experience junior classes engaging in musical activities with their class teachers. One day after lunch I made an unscheduled visit to class 3 and found them and Elise practising 'Old Macdonald' in 3 parts on their recorders. I have never heard such a beautiful rendition! On another occasion, I was giving a special visitor a whirlwind tour, and as I opened the door of the class 1 room we were greeted by the bright, warm tones of a Maori song which the children were singing, accompanied by Jonathon on guitar.

Felicity Hickman,
Educational Facilitator