Generation Z: a 'Crisis Generation'

Last Thursday evening, a large group of parents filled the Library to hear Martin Samson share his research, reflections and questions regarding 'generation Z'. A central idea was that of 'due process' as a social gesture and individual need of these children, born since 1995 (or, according to some, 2000).

Twenty first century children want reasons/explanations for every rule/expectation we seek to impose, and this presents challenges for us โ€“ their parents and teachers. How do we respond authentically, but without overloading the child intellectually (which will inevitably lead to precociousness)? How can I speak in a way which retains appropriate adult/child boundaries yet still satisfies the deep need of these children to know 'why'?

These questions certainly challenge me to be more alert โ€“ more conscious of what I am doing and saying โ€“ and remind me of Steiner's exhortation, to 'seek the awakening from within ourselves, every morning and every evening'.

Felicity Hickman
Educational Facilitator