College of Teachers

All teachers in the school have formal teacher qualifications and are registered to teach in South Australia. In addition, they have undertaken various additional training to acquire the necessary skills and capacities to practice teaching according to the Waldorf/Steriner methodology. Insight into Steiner's anthroposophy provides the basis and understanding for the Waldorf curriculum.

Primary teachers remain with their class for the first five primary school years, drawing on specialists for music, second language, movement (eurythmy), physical education, craft, woodwork and gardening classes. This ongoing relationship means that teachers become the childrens' guide, philosopher, authority figure and friend, allowing children to feel secure within the social group of their classroom. Teachers are responsible for forming a close bond with each child and family in their class. The continuity of teacher brings unity to the curriculum, linking the various disciplines and gives teachers a long-term perspective on how each child responds to the curriculum.

In high school, class guardians are responsible for pastoral care of students, with expert teachers supplementing and extending the students' education in specialist subject areas.

Educational policy is developed by the College of Teachers working together on a weekly basis. The Head of School ensures that policy implementation is consistent and meets internal as well as external regulatory standards . The administrative and legal aspects of the school are managed by the School Council which comprises teachers and parent representatives with the support of specialist committees.

The conduct of the College of Teachers is guided by a formal Terms of Reference.