For the second year in a row, the script for our School Musical was written by Albert Jamae and the score by Allye Sinclair. Others among us are in awe of these people’s remarkable talents, not only in writing the work but also in bringing it to life with such a diverse group of students and staff.Apart from those who appeared on stage (special congratulations to Tilly for carrying that huge role with such aplomb), there were many staff and students who worked behind the scenes.  I would like to particularly mention Linn Muirhead and Andrea May for the costumes, Marty Summers and Mark Trimboli for supporting Allye and Catherine with the band and Bonnie, Lotte and George for backstage and lighting support.

I’m sure some photos will be on the website soon!

Extra excitement, challenge and satisfaction were added this year, by taking the production ‘on tour’.  Our two sister schools, Mount Barker Waldorf and Trinity Gardens Primary, provided the cast with an opportunity to demonstrate not only their acting and singing skills, but also their great flexibility and initiative. The feedback from both schools has been very positive.

Thank you and congratulations to the whole cast and crew.

Felicity Hickman, Educational Facilitator