Built to Inspire!

On Friday 13 June 2014 Willunga Waldorf School officially opened the new year 6 & 7 building.

This capital works project has been funded by the Australian Government and The Hon Jamie Briggs MP will officiate at the opening ceremony.

The building design conveys some of the character belonging to the Waldorf/Steiner curriculum content. Class 6 has a focus on Ancient Rome and the establishment of Law as the foundation for civil society. This follows the birth of Democracy and the retreat of the Gods in Ancient Greece (Class 5). Class 7 moves on to the Middle Ages culminating in the Renaissance.

With stylised rammed earth pillars and deep steps for sitting and standing, the outdoor eating and socialising area loosely reflects the architecture of an ancient Roman forum. Historically a gathering place of social significance and often the scene of diverse activities including political discussions and meetings, the space may well inspire the students to partake in some hearty oratory.

Class 7 students had this to say about their new space:

“The outside seating arrangements are good for socialising” – Liam Miller

“The beautiful open space brings you closer to nature” – Lia Petagna

 “The outside seating and columns reminds me of a colosseum” – Grace Hartley

“The rooms are light and airy” – Kiara Irvine

Janet Molloy, Principal, says: “Willunga Waldorf School is leading the way with architectural design in schools. We continue to challenge ourselves to create aesthetically beautiful spaces within which children will feel inspired to learn.

Story written by Charlotte Robinson & Bernard Thomson