Year 12 Student's Free Diving Project








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Can you hold your breath underwater for 7 minutes?

Diving with full breathing apparatus is one thing, but year 12 student Tom Campbell decided to ‘take the plunge’ this year when he chose free-diving as his year 12 project entitled:

 “The Ocean One Breath at a Time:
 Entering the Amazing World of Free Diving.”

Tom has been mentored by local Adelaide diver, Brent Quilliam, currently a National and World class free-diving competitor. Free-diving relies on the diver’s ability to hold his or her breath until resurfacing without the aid of breathing apparatus.

Tom explains “Extreme sports are all about adrenaline but free-diving requires complete calm. You have to listen to your body and recognise your own limits. You have to learn how to shut out the world and work with, rather than fight, your survival instincts. It’s all in the mind!”

Tom recently placed 2nd in the “Fish Film Festival” with a short documentary entitled “The Ocean One Breath at a Time”. Tom shot his footage whilst free-diving and it is indicative of the extraordinary opportunity a diver has to capture spectacular footage whilst moving through the water in such an unobtrusive way.

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Along with his year 12 class mates, Tom will be speaking about his project on Sunday 16 November in the Willunga Waldorf School hall. Other student projects will also be presented on Sunday 15 November and Saturday 22 November. Members of the public are welcome – for more information contact the school office on (08) 8556 2655.

Story by Charlotte Robinson